Quan's Hot Yoga offers a wellness experience at both of our EAST studio location(312 University Park Drive) and one SOUTH Harbour Landing studio location(4830 Gordon Rd) next to Canadian brewhouse and across from Winners. We provide hot/warm classes ranging from Advanced Hot Yoga to Gentle Warm Yin. The studios employ modern radiant heaters to heat the rooms and an HVAC circulating filtered system to provide that HOT experience and fresh oxygen levels

Loving yoga Living happiness !

Balance, breathing, energy, flexibility, mental focus, strength, energy levels, detoxification, stress reduction and overall well being are just a few things you may feel after visiting Quan’s Hot Yoga. Come experience the difference Quan’s Hot Yoga can make in your life!


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Happy Customer and Gratitude

May 11/2024

"I feel so grateful for the team at Quan’s Hot Yoga - Mei and Tim and Charla and Ana and the list goes on. You set a kind and supportive tone. Thank you for your sacred space and wonderful instructors, quiet and restorative, challenging and vigorous, focused and intentional It sustains and nourishes me in many ways. The meditative atmosphere is a real boon in this busy, noisy life.
It also prepared me perfectly for my bike tour in Vietnam in February/March. We biked 50 - 60 km on average, some days with some good elevation challenges. My muscular strength/endurance and my cardiovascular endurance was entirely up to the challenge!"
Thank you.